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Recommended by Stylists

Krown of Glory, LLC has many stylists that love to work with our hair and even wear the hair themselves. They know that we provide quality hair at a great price!

We are always updating our list, so check back frequently to view the updated list!

List of Licensed Stylists that have worked with our hair and hightly recommend our product!

Recommended by Stylists

Featured Stylist is Tre Stylez of San Jacinto for his hair restoration work on this young client that suffered with medical hair loss.


Hair Works Hair Salon, San Jacinto, Ca -

Name: Tre Stylez- Contact: trestylez3@gmail.com

Specialties-non-surgical hair restoration, hair enhancement, extensions, coloring


Hairtivity Salon-Inglewood, Ca

Name: Shilian 

Contact: silkyscreations@att.net

Chrissy Young-Moreno Valley, Ca

Norma's Beauty Salon-Moreno Valley, Ca

Name: Norma

Contact:(951) 571-0275

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