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Hair Glossary

Hair Glossary


Our European Virgin Remy is soft and fine. Perfect for the finer hair types. The hair is very straight and does not have any curl to it. Our European virgin hair colors range from a dark mahogany brown to a lighter chestnut brown. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We also offer our European Remy in a Vanilla Creme Butter Blonde and Platinum color that has been attained using a bleaching process




Myanmar/Burmese hair is a cross between Chinese and Indian hair. This is due to the fact that Myanmar is a country that is situated between China and India. The hair is sturdy, yet light and airy. The women of Burmese often sell their hair for profit and engage in recreational long hair contests and pageants.


 Malaysian hair is durable and soft. It also lifts very well and can be expensive. Our bleached blonde #613 is Malaysian hair. It will stay straight and not poof up in humidity. If you want a good match to European hair and your budget does not allow for European hair, then Malaysian hair is a good option.

Our Malaysian hair has a natural wave pattern to it and it is also a great match for Latina hair as well.

Filipino hair is luxurious and wonderful! It can take heat styling like no other. The hair is dense, yet not wiry, and it will still hold a curl. All of our customers, no matter the ethnicity, rave about this hair! It is in low stock, so order it while you can.

The Characteristics of Filipino Human Hair

Since other countries colonized the Philippines for centuries, it became a good source of hair with different textures such as fine silky hair, medium coarse and coarse hair, hair that matches any ethnic group no matter the hair texture.

Supreme Silky Straight

Our supreme straight Filipino hair is like no other hair that you have felt before. It is supremely straight, soft and smooth and cool to the touch. This hair is derived from Filipino women that have a European ancestry, so it is rare and there is an extremely limited supply. The demand is high but the supply is small, and the wait list is long. We recommend placing your order at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your hair appointment if you want this special hair. This is SPECIAL ORDER ONLY! And is NOT available on our website.

Silky Straight
Silky straight Filipino hair, there is no wave to this hair.

Slightly Wavy

This hair texture is silky, yet has a very slight wave to it in its natural state.

Medium Coarse

If you prefer to have a little coarse then you can also use medium coarse. This hair is heavy and has a slight wave to it.

Brazilian Hair

Our Brazilian Remy hair is soft and beautiful. We do not have a high stock of it, so get it while you can. It comes in only 3 textures. 

Natural Wave-A soft natural wave that looks great natural or straightened. Wonderful for that long awaited vacation to Puerto Rico!

Brazilian Deep Wave-A soft, tighter and fuller wave than the natural wave. When installed, it looks almost like it was wanded and styled.

Brazilian Tight Curl- This curl is soft, but a tight small spiral curl. 

Our full lace frontals are handmade and take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to create. They are created with precision and made to last. This is the perfect solution for those women that have medical hair loss or thinning hair at their crown!

The frontals are 13x4.5 inches and extend from ear to ear but can also be custom made to fit your clients’ specifications.

These are available in our European, Filipino, Malaysian and Brazilian hair textures.

 Russian hair is one of the softest and most luxurious types of hair. We offer Northern Russian and Southern Russian hair. Our Northern Russian hair is very straight and soft. It is baby fine and comes in an array of colors from dark blond to hues of chestnut browns. Our Southern Russian hair is soft and comes in wavy and curly textures. If you truly desire to treat yourself, then Russian hair is the way to do it.

Our high-quality virgin hair has not been dyed or chemically altered. It comes in natural colors, grown on the head in that color. These are chestnut brown, dark brown, medium brown, dark blonde, black and auburn (a reddish-brown). The chestnut brown and dark blonde hair can easily be tone-corrected or colored by any coloring process used by professional hair stylists.


We are assured that every hair type we offer is ethically collected.

You deserve it...Krown of Glory..."because every woman deserves her Krown of Glory."

"How much hair do I need?"

Please ask your stylist to contact us directly if they have any questions about the amount of hair that you need. Our hair does not come from where commercial vendors or distributors get their hair, therefore a different amount is required, depending on the type of hair and/or style that is desired.

Please note it takes approximately 7 to 18 days to receive your hair. It may be sooner. Please be mindful of this PRIOR to setting your hair install appointment.

Prices are per ounce. Minimum purchase is 3 ounces.

We are assured that every hair type we offer is ethically collected.

You deserve it...Krown of Glory..."because every woman deserves her Krown of Glory."

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